barrel adjusters

Five or six years ago I found a vintage set of aluminum DT barrel adjusters at a bike swap. No brand or maker’s mark, standard threading (!), and I have yet to find out who made them despite many valiant internet searches.

These brass adjusters, expertly machined to my specs by Lichen Precision a couple hours north in WA state, are an homage to that vintage set. Brass is an excellent choice for threaded bits as it will turn as easily years from now as it does today. In my opinion these are the best looking M5 adjusters you can buy. Stainless steel springs are included with each pair. I hope they provide you with decades of particularly pleasant cable tension adjustments.

M5 x 0.8
1” OAL
14.5mm threaded
~5g ea
sold in pairs,
springs included.

Note: if you are a framebuilder and would prefer to buy in bulk at a discount, email me.

shipping rates

They come in a little burlap sack inside a lasered tin, both of which I hope you will be able to re-use around the house. I like using the bags to put nice smelling things in the closet, for example. I also enjoy reading about spacetime late at night.