OD: 13mm
ID: M5 clearance
Length: 5mm or 8mm

Since it’s a handmade product, there is slight variation in widths between the bent legs of the Rod Steward.

Mounting points that are 4.75-5.25 inches apart are in the ideal range. This includes most rigid ATB/MTB (~2.25 tire clearance or wider) forks with wide crowns.

Some bikes with narrower crowns may still be appropriate for this bag support, so I’m stocking these spacers in 5mm and 8mm lengths (sold in pairs of the same length.)

For example, a 2018 Riv Hillborne measures 4” (o-o) at the mid-blade rack mounts. An 8mm spacer on either side would allow the R.S. to fit. That’s the narrowest I’d recommend going. For mounting situations around 4.25-4.5 inches, try the 5mm spacers.

The 13mm OD of these spacers closely matches the size of the R.S. clips to spread the clamping force.

These go between the clip and the threaded mount on your bike. You will need longer bolts, which you can get along with the spacers or provide your own. Remember to use a threadlocker! I like blue loctite or a nylok nut.

Slight compression of the R.S. while installing is ok. Do not stretch the bent rod outwards to get it to fit. Any questions, please email.

R.S. installation guide can be found here.