7mm light mount

for nitto adjustable rack struts!

Same simple light mount, but made to mount to nitto adjustable rack struts, which have a diameter of 7mm. These won’t work for non-adjustable nitto racks, which should have mounting points already.

Light mounts include a machined clip, a 20mm M5 bolt, and one double threaded stand-off. The M5 side secures the clip to the rack strut, and the M6 side is for you to bolt on your light. If you use a button-head M6 bolt, both bolts will use a 4mm hex key, which is very n i c e.

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
Finish: anodized silver (clear) or black
Weight: 12 grams

Installation: slide the clip onto your rack strut before attaching the strut to your rack, on whichever side and in whatever orientation you prefer.