shipping / order info

︎ Orders ship 1-2 times per week 

︎ All packaging is curbside recyclable or ready for your firepit  (paper-based)

︎ Please ensure your delivery info and address is complete and correct before submitting your order!


For orders containing just stickers, please select that option in the shipping menu. They will ship in an envelope. US and Canada only please - it’s too resource intensive to ship just stickers around the world.


I have carefully determined the shipping quotes you see at checkout, but in the event that an order is massively overcharged I will send a refund. For countries that aren’t currently on my list to ship to, please email me and I will provide a quote if possible.

Please ensure that the shipping rate you pick at checkout matches your order contents, and that your address is correct. 


No returns. For any questions or concerns about your order, or if an item arrives damaged or defective, please email right away so I can make it right.

Taxes & Duties

You will notice I am not charging US taxes. For the time being, this operation is too small to collect and remit sales tax to US states, but that may change at any time. International customers are responsible for any export/import duties or fees. I will provide accurate customs forms to the shipper.


Check back here in a few months or email me.
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