brake boosters!

A small run of simple brake boosters to give your canti or v-brakes a little support. Although the added stiffness can probably be felt on skinny seatstays, these are arguably a bit of a fashion accessory. 

Should fit a range of tire sizes up to 2.3ish, but fit depends on your post placement mostly. 3.4” of max vertical clearance (at center of arc) from bolt center. 2.75” width at widest point. M6 clearance mounting slots for posts spaced 75mm-85mm c-c only. Print-outable template available upon request.

Available in black, gold, and silver. All lasered discreetly with “dig deep” on top and “shovel research” on the back or underside.

M5 threaded mounting point up top.
Weight: ~43g
Sold individually, hardware not included as it will vary with application.